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Dahua CCTV Installer
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Dahua Ultra Smart IP Camera Range

Advanced Detection Features:

Facial Detection -
People Counting -
Heat Source Map -

Tripwire Detection -
Intrusion Detection -
Object Abandoned -

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Hikvision CCTV System Installer

DarkFighter Key Features:

Ultra Low Light -
Intelligent I.R -

1080P HD -
4.0MP / 4K -
Smart Features -

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CCTV Remote Viewing
CCTV System Remote Viewing

Remote Access Key Features:

Activate Sounders -
Voice Challenge -
Audio In & Out -

View Live Images -
Playback Footage -
Control PTZ Cameras -

Wired Alarm Systems

Alarm System Key Features:

Wired / Wireless Systems -
Smartphone Application -
Keyfob Control -

The Next Generation Of Alarm Systems
Wireless Alarm System

Alarm System Key Features:

Two Way Communication -
Smartphone Applications -
GSM Communications-

Wireless Intruder Alarms
No Wires, No Fuss, No Mess!

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High Definition CCTV Systems Explained.

High Definition CCTV Systems Explained.

Updating Your CCTV System

Are you considering updating your CCTV system. CCTV technology has moved forward dramatically over the last 10 years, many CCTV systems installed prior to this period would have been installed using coax CCTV cable, this type of CCTV cable makes your CCTV system ideal for upgrading, perhaps the CCTV camera images have faded or the night vision is not as clear as it should be or perhaps you have lost your CCTV images completely, updating your old CCTV system to a new high definiton CCTV system could be alot more affordable than you may think, if you are considering updating your CCTV system we can help with the design, installation and setup of your new CCTV system

I.P HD CCTV Systems

Internet protocol CCTV cameras work over internet networks the webcam on your computer desk, the camera on your laptop or notebook, all of these devices are internet protocol cameras, and are capable of recording in very high resolution, I.P camera technology is at the forefront of CCTV and digital security, with this new technology we are seeing home CCTV systems with advanced algorithm software, this software can be found in all of our ultra smart CCTV cameras, features include, tripwire placement and intrusion detection, allowing you to set up parrameters that will send alerts vie email, initiate sounders or lights, it is now clear why I.P CCTV systems are deployed in the most secure locations across the world.

Analogue HD CCTV Systems (AHD)

Analogue high definition CCTV systems are cabled in a very similar way to the standard analogue CCTV systems, both CCTV systems transmit images down a standard CCTV coax cable, however analogue high definiton transmits and records in a far higher resolultion than a standard analogue CCTV system, this new technology allows upgrading from the old analogue CCTV system to the new high definition CCTV systems much easier, with advanced features on most of the new analogue high definiton CCTV systems including remote zoom, motion detection and audio. Analogue high definition CCTV must be considered when you are installing a new CCTV system or updating an old CCTV system.

HDCVi CCTV Systems

HDCVi (High Definition Composite Video Interface) CCTV systems are a relativly new type of CCTV system, with HDCVI camera systems we are able to transmit CCTV images over a much greater distance, HDCVi CCTV systems can be cabled in either standard CCTV coax cable or CAT5 UTP cable, making this type of CCTV system ideal for upgrading from an old analogue CCTV system, or for a new installation, HDCVi cameras have some of the features you will find in I.P CCTV systems but at a fraction of the cost, these features can include facial detection, trip wire alerts and anti masking, if you are looking for a new CCTV systems and do not require the added benefits of I.P CCTV, you must consider HDCVi.
The Dahua Ultra Smart Door Bell

Answer Your Door Bell From Any Location In The World!

Calls come directly to your mobile phone via the smart app, calls include video and audio.

Other Application Features Include: Opening electronic locks, turning on welcome lights, activating sounders and much more!


High Definition CCTV System Options:

High Definition CCTV System Options:

Home CCTV Systems

From one single camera home CCTV system to view a particular area of your property or a multi-tier home CCTV system with remote CCTV access, so that you can monitor different areas of your home or from your smartphone, we can help with the design, installation and service of your new home CCTV system.

Farm CCTV Systems

Farm CCTV systems are proven to be a huge deterrent for many of those intent on commiting crime in rural areas or against farmers, with the correct placement of quality CCTV cameras, utilising advanced algorithm detection software farm CCTV systems can truly help in the fight against farms and rural areas.

Livestock Monitoring

CCTV systems are primarily used for the detection and prevention of criminal activity, however CCTV cameras can also help with livestock monitoring, precision livestock farming and general livestock welfare, if you are considering installing a livestock monitoring system we can help with the design, installation and setup.

Commercial CCTV Systems

Every year businesses small and large lose millions of pounds in revenue through theft, criminal damage and fraud, CCTV can help in the fight against this, from small businesses to commercial sized industrial sites we can help with the design, installation and service of your commercial CCTV system.

Covert CCTV Systems

Covert CCTV cameras can provide discreet surveillance of an area or person/s, often Covert CCTV systems are temporary installations and can be used in a multitude of situations, perhaps you would like to monitor an elderly relative through a difficult time, helping them keep there independance but ensuring they are safe.

CCTV Remote Viewing

Remote CCTV access will allow a home owner or business owner to remotely log into their CCTV system and monitor the CCTV cameras from any location in the world and from almost any mobile device, tablet or laptop PC with an internet connection, the system will also allow you to log into multiple sites simultaneously from one single device.


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