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Dahua CCTV Installer
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Dahua Ultra Smart IP Camera Range

Advanced Detection Features:

Facial Detection -
People Counting -
Heat Source Map -

Tripwire Detection -
Intrusion Detection -
Object Abandoned -

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Hikvision CCTV System Installer

DarkFighter Key Features:

Ultra Low Light -
Intelligent I.R -

1080P HD -
4.0MP / 4K -
Smart Features -

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CCTV Remote Viewing
CCTV System Remote Viewing

Remote Access Key Features:

Activate Sounders -
Voice Challenge -
Audio In & Out -

View Live Images -
Playback Footage -
Control PTZ Cameras -

Wired Alarm Systems

Alarm System Key Features:

Wired / Wireless Systems -
Smartphone Application -
Keyfob Control -

The Next Generation Of Alarm Systems
Wireless Alarm System

Alarm System Key Features:

Two Way Communication -
Smartphone Applications -
GSM Communications-

Wireless Intruder Alarms
No Wires, No Fuss, No Mess!

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High Definition Farm CCTV Systems

With an increase in phsical security measures and electronic security installations in our major cities and industrial parks we have seen a large increase in rural crime and thefts from farms and farm land. Today rural crime has become organised, involving determined gangs who stake out expensive tractors, farm machinery and solar panels for export across the world, gangs are stealing hundreds of livestock, relentlessly targeting quad bikes that are a vital part of day to day farming, unfortunately the opportunist thief is a thing of the past, these criminal gangs operate with confidence and aggression.
Farming has changed dramatically over the last century, it was once the case that the local farmer would be the hug of the local village, the farmer would most likely employ a large percentage of the village, however times have changed, technology is now helping farmers produce better crops and more efficiently, unfortunatley this new state of the art farm machinery can be extremely expensive to maintain and keep running, so much so that losing a piece of this machinery can dramatically effect the day to day running of the farm.

Often the main entrance to the farm is not the only entrance or way onto the farm or surounding lands, the natural nature of a farm layout makes it a vulnerable location, in some cases multiple access points to the farm are available, for criminal gangs targeting farms this presents the opportunity to reconnaissance the farm and buildings undetected.
The organised crime gangs that are targeting farms and other rural locations will often visit the farm or location during daylight hours to reconnaissance high value item loactions such as quad bikes, chainsaws and power tools, they are also looking for any visible security measures that are in place.

Renewable energy installations are becoming a large part of farming life, with government backed incentives and advancements in solar energy farmers are utilizing land for solar installations, this can be a major investment and could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in civil works, cabling, cabinets and of course the panels, criminal gangs are now using UAV drones and mapping software to search for these installations and terget them.

Farm CCTV systems are proven to be a huge detterent for many of those intent on commiting a crime, however when an incident is caught on camera the evidential benefits are invaluable, with the correct placement of quality, high definition CCTV cameras, utilising advanced algorithm detection software CCTV cameras can help in the fight against farm and rural thefts.

Purchasing Your Farm CCTV System

Farm CCTV Prices

We do not believe that there is a one fit all, of the shelf home farm system, this is why we do not provide farm CCTV prices on our website, every single farm is different and so are the people living and working there, some farm owners may require a higher level of security than others, some may require features on their farm CCTV system that others do not, if you are looking for a quotation for a farm CCTV system then please contact us here.

Not All Farm CCTV Systems Are The Same!

When considering positions for your cameras you must consider what type of image you need from that particular camera.

Is this CCTV camera positioned to cover your farm drive?

Is this CCTV camera positioned to cover your diesel tanks?

As a farm owner looking to purchase a farm CCTV system ask yourself what area of the farm do you need to see, and in how much detail, do you need to see from that particular camera, you only have one opportunity to record footage, make sure you obtain the correct image, if you are looking to identify callers at your drive or farm gate you will need a camera for recognition or identification, a camera designed to give detection will not be able to help you identify the person at 50 meters away at your farm gate, similarly a camera designed for identification will not give you a wide enough angle to use for detetection.


This can be achieved by ensuring the image captured of the person or persons occupies at least 10% of the television screen height.


This can be achieved by ensuring the image captured of the person or persons occupies at least 25% of the picture screen height.


This can be achieved by ensuring the image captured of the person or persons occupies at least 50% of the screen height.


This can be achieved by ensuring the image captured of the person or persons occupies at least 100% of the screen height.

Ultra Smart Farm CCTV Systems

We are now able to do far more with a farm CCTV system than monitor a particular area or rewind CCTV footage after an incident has taken place, with the new Ultra Smart range of commercial CCTV cameras we can combine detection with video. Utilizing the lastest algorithms we are able to run alalytic software across the CCTV camera feeds, this allows us to monitor the area for intrusion, set up tripwire detection points or mark individual items for protection such as quad bikes and machinery.
Trip Wire Detection

Trip Wire Detection

Tripwire detection allows you to create an invisible detection line around any open area, this can include car parks, farm land, any open space or a mixture of both, the system can be set to only detect people travelling from A to B , from B to A, or any person crossing the line, dual layers can be drawn to reduce any false alarm activations.
Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection works in a very similar way to the trip wire detection system, intrusion detection allows us to draw a box around certain areas or items, the system can be set to only detect people entering the box, or set to only detect people leaving the box, parrameters can be set with filters to rule out false activations such as size and movement.
Items Removed

Items Removed

Items removed or left behind, similar security analytics are currently being used across major airports, train stations and tourist attractions, the analytic software will monitor areas for any item that is left behind for a peroid of time, if the parrameters are met, including the length of time the item has been left, the alarm will be raised.

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Farm Security Alarms & CCTV Systems

Wireless Farm Alarms

With advancements in wireless technology farmers are no longer restricted on how they can protect the farm and surrounding buildings, we are no longer restricted by cables or distance, with a wireless farm alarm system you can alarm farm buildings, diesel tanks, barns and storage units, without the restrictions normal wired alarm systems present, safe in the knowlege that should an intruder enter the building or protected area you will be notified on your smartphone including an image snapshot attachment.

Perimeter Farm Alarms

Farm perimeter detection systems allow farmers to protect areas of the farm that they would not usually be able to monitor or control access to, with advancements in wireless transmission and extended battery life we can now alarm farm gates, machinery and farm out buildings without the usuall concerns over cabling and distance,  combining ultra smart CCTV cameras with a farm perimeter security system can give farmers complete control over who is accessing his property or land 24 hours a day.

ANPR Farm CCTV Systems

The modern day farm is a busy work place, vehicles arrive unload and leave, vehicles pull in then turn around and leave, with a farm ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system you can log every vehicle number plate that enters your farm, if any are found to be susspicious, vehicles can be added to a black list meaning that when this particular vehicle attempts to re-enter the site the farmer or security personnal will be notified on there smartphone, delivering a snaphot image of the vehicle and number plate.

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Auto Tracking Farm CCTV Cameras

Following on from the analytic detection within the ultra smart range of farm CCTV cameras, the algorithm software can now precisely detect, indentify and track targets without the need for human control, this can greatly reduce the need for other physical detection systems including photoelectronic beams and external movement detectors, this can potentially be a huge saving on the cost across the whole project.

Combining the ultra smart CCTV cameras with the auto tracking PTZ camera is the ultimate in advanced CCTV technology, the fixed body or anti-vandal Ultra Smart dome camera will detect a moving target, determine size, heat signature or speed, filter the algorithm and call for the PTZ camera to monitor that particular location.

Auto Tracking Speed Dome - Farm CCTV Camera

This video will demonstrate how once alerted, the auto tracking dome will pan to an area, detect, identify and track its target.

  • 25 x Zoom
  • 4.0 Mega Pixel
  • 1920 x 1080 (1080P)
  • 150 Meter Night Vision
  • Ultra Smart Infra-Red
  • 300 Preset Patrol Points
  • Auto Tracking
  • Detection Algorithm (Tripwire, Intrusion, Items Removed)

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