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Dahua CCTV Installer
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Dahua Ultra Smart IP Camera Range

Advanced Detection Features:

Facial Detection -
People Counting -
Heat Source Map -

Tripwire Detection -
Intrusion Detection -
Object Abandoned -

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Hikvision CCTV System Installer

DarkFighter Key Features:

Ultra Low Light -
Intelligent I.R -

1080P HD -
4.0MP / 4K -
Smart Features -

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CCTV Remote Viewing
CCTV System Remote Viewing

Remote Access Key Features:

Activate Sounders -
Voice Challenge -
Audio In & Out -

View Live Images -
Playback Footage -
Control PTZ Cameras -

Wired Alarm Systems

Alarm System Key Features:

Wired / Wireless Systems -
Smartphone Application -
Keyfob Control -

The Next Generation Of Alarm Systems
Wireless Alarm System

Alarm System Key Features:

Two Way Communication -
Smartphone Applications -
GSM Communications-

Wireless Intruder Alarms
No Wires, No Fuss, No Mess!


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For many years home owners have protected their homes with intruder alarm systems, alarm systems are relliable and simple to use, some alarm systems have the option available to call your mobile phone when activated or call your chosen alarm reveiving centre who will then contact your prescribed key holders.

Now more and more security conscious home owners are installing home CCTV systems to protect their homes, property and family from criminals and potential burglary, these systems range from from one single home CCTV camera to view a particular area of your home, perhaps to monitor a car, the front door, or you you could use the system to monitor a childrens play room or nursery, or you may be considering installing a multi-tier home CCTV system to monitor multiple areas of your home.

Home CCTV cameras in the past were large cumbersome box type cameras that made a home look like a prison or police station, now home CCTV systems are far more aesthetically pleasing on the eye, cameras can be colour matched to blend with most backgrounds or positioned in a way that they do not become obtrusive, if you are considering installing a home CCTV system we can help with your design, installation and maintenance.

Purchasing Your Home CCTV System

We do not believe that there is a one fit all, off the shelf home CCTV system, this is why we do not provide home CCTV prices on our website, every single home is different and so are the people living there, some home owners may require a higher level of security than others, some may require features on their home CCTV system that others do not, if you are looking for a home CCTV quotation, please contact us here.

Not All Home CCTV Systems Are The Same!

When considering positions for your cameras you must consider what type of image you need from that particular CCTV camera.

Is this home CCTV camera positioned to cover your front door?

Is this home CCTV camera positioned to cover your driveway?

As a home owner looking to purchase a home CCTV system ask yourself what area do you want to see, and in how much detail do you need to see from that particular camera, you only have one opportunity to record footage, make sure you obtain the correct image, if you are looking to identify callers at your front door you will need a camera for recognition or identification, a camera designed to give detection will not be able to help you identify the person at you door, similarly a camera designed for identification will not give you a wide enough angle to use for detetection.


This can be achieved by ensuring the image captured of the person or persons occupies at least 10% of the television screen height.
CCTV Camera Image For Detection


This can be achieved by ensuring the image captured of the person or persons occupies at least 25% of the picture screen height.
CCTV Camera Image For Observation


This can be achieved by ensuring the image captured of the person or persons occupies at least 50% of the screen height.
CCTV Camera Image For Recognition


This can be achieved by ensuring the image captured of the person or persons occupies at least 100% of the screen height.
CCTV Camera Image For Identification
Are you looking to update your old home CCTV system, CCTV technology has moved forward dramatically over the last 10 years, many of the home CCTV systems installed during this period would be standard analogue CCTV systems, this CCTV format is still in use today, standard analogue CCTV systems are cabled using coax CCTV cable also known as shotgun, if your CCTV cables are in good condition your older standard CCTV system is ideal for upgrading to a new full High Definition 1080P CCTV system, often with a fraction of the cost normally associated with installing a completely new high definition CCTV system from scratch.

HDCVi CCTV Systems

HDCVi (High Definition Composite Video Interface) CCTV systems are a relativly new type of CCTV system, with HDCVI camera systems we are able to transmit CCTV images over a much greater distance without compromising on image quality, HDCVi CCTV systems can be cabled in either standard CCTV coax cable or CAT5 UTP cable, making this type of CCTV system ideal for upgrading from an old analogue CCTV system or for a new installation, HDCVi cameras have a few of the features you will find in I.P CCTV systems but at a fraction of the cost, these features can include facial detection, motion detection, email alerts and anti masking, if you are looking for a new CCTV systems and do not require the added benefits from I.P CCTV, you must consider a HDCVi CCTV system.

(AHD) Analogue HD CCTV Systems

Analogue high definition CCTV systems are cabled in a very similar way to the standard definition CCTV systems we have been installing for many years, both CCTV systems transmit recorded images down a standard CCTV coax cable, however analogue high definiton can transmit and records in a far higher resolultion than a standard analogue CCTV system, this new technology allows upgrading from the old analogue CCTV system to the new high definition CCTV systems much easier, with advanced features on many of the new analogue high definiton CCTV systems including remote zoom, motion detection and audio, taking this into acount, Analogue high definition CCTV must be considered when you are installing a new CCTV system or updating an old CCTV system.

I.P HD CCTV Systems

Internet protocol CCTV cameras work over a secure network, the webcam on your computer desk, the camera on your laptop or notebook, all of these devices are internet protocol cameras, and are capable of recording in very high resolution.

I.P CCTV camera technology is at the forefront of all CCTV and digital security systems, the high quality images combined with advanced features make I.P security cameras  a great tool in the combat against crime, all our airports, hospitals and goverment buildings are covered by I.P CCTV systems.

With this new advancement in technology we are seeing CCTV systems with advanced algorithm software, this type of advanced software can be found in all of our ultra smart CCTV cameras, features include, tripwire placement, intrusion detection, items left or removed, this will allow you to set up parrameters that will send alerts vie email, text, or simply a discreet notification, systems can initiate sounders or lights, it is now becomes clear why I.P CCTV systems are deployed in the most secure locations.
An individual has the rght to protect their property and this can be done by using a CCTV system where it is necessary, such as a security measure. However, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner recomends that users of CCTV systems should operate them in a responsible way to respect the privacy of others

A CCTV system to protect a domestic dwelling from acts of crime and anti-social behaviour is now commonplace. Although this seems reasonable use, there have been a number of complaints to the police, ICO and the SCC from neighbours and other members of the public using pavements in the vicinity who believe that camera are being used to spy on them.

More information can be found here or by speaking to a member of the Securi-Tek team.
Ultra Smart Ring Video Doorbell
The Ultra Smart Video Doorbell

Answer Your Door Bell From Any Location In The World!

Calls come directly to your mobile phone via the smart app, calls include video and audio.


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